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There are endless possibilities during the artificial grass design and manufacture, with a wide selection of fiber polymers or backing layer sealings. These make the final product and its performance quite different and unique. At Realturf we work to give our clients the future of artificial grass with the development of REALTECH ® Technical Artificial Grass. This technology improves the grass functionality in terms of aesthetics, durability and improves our clients´ quality of life.

In recent years, the term “technical sportswear” has become very popular. Technical sportswear refers to the clothing designed specifically for each sport. The equipment required by a person who practices mountain hiking is not the same for a person who runs in the park, even though there are similarities between both sports. A similar situation happens with artificial grass products. At Realturf we design unique collections every year with specific characteristics for each situation.

Following is a description of our main technologies specifically designed and developed to meet our clients needs:
The FireProof technology uses polymers in its fibers that comply with the European standard EN 13501.  Our products have the fire resistant Dfl-s1 category, which ensures that our products do not spread flame if accidentally exposed to fire.
At Realturf we want our clients to relax and enjoy our products. This is the reason why we treat the materials that make up the fibers with products 100% safe. We certify that the products in our collection are as safe as a toy.
Safety has always been one of our main priorities at Realturf, the reason why we developed the BacteriaFree technology. The polymers of our fibers are treated with antibacterial products that keep your grass bacteria-free.
LongLife technology provides products with the highest strength and durability in the market, because of the polymer used and the technical characteristics it adds to the fiber. LongLife technology has an extended warranty of up to 10 years. Protect your investment with the best materials and your garden in perfect conditions for a longer period.
FiberFresh technology keeps the temperature lower than regular artificial grass. Regular fibers absorb heat largely from sunlight. FiberFresh technology is capable of refracting sunlight, therefore the temperature is reduced by up to 12 degrees.
SoftLand technology uses artificial grass with an elastomeric base for children that comply with the EN 1177: 2008 standard for shock absorbing play areas surface coating. It also counts with the measurement control of the fall height greater than 2 meters.
The AntiStatic technology uses polymers in its carbon fibers and threads that dissipate the electrostatic charge of the grass so that it doesn´t accumulate on the surface. The grass with this technology complies with the UNE EN-14041 ANTI-STATIC standard and the EC 61340-4.1: DISSIPATIVE standard.
The MaxRecover technology guarantees the best footprint recovery. This system is made up of maximum resistance materials that give the fiber maximum recovery. The polymers are combined in a way that ensures the fiber stays vertical.
Softmax technology adds to the fiber incredible softness. This softness has a scientific explanation: the fiber polymers are made up of the highest quality materials, which allow the fibers to have more definition and cleanliness in the final product. This technology is responsible for making your lawn the most comfortable area in your garden. Softmax will make you want to stay there.
PetClean technology has a special backing layer that allows the highest level of drainage. It also has an acrylic and antibacterial fiber sealing which prevents odors or bacteria to accumulate. PetClean is, without a doubt, the perfect product if you have a pet.
The MaxDrain technology is a production system that gives the product triple drainage compared to conventional products. This is accomplished by a system that triples the perforations on the backing of the grass. This make the MaxDrain technology perfect for areas with pets or swimming pools because of its superior drainage of liquids and dirt.
Products with the Look and Feel technology are specifically developed to have the least shine on the fiber. This is done by using mini ribs during the extrusion process, and by combining at least five different types of fibers and colors during the production process.